Hunter’s attracted charges

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I am greatly edified hearing your thoughts as a podcast regularly!

The Federal form would not have had attention or merited charges if the classic Saturday Night Special had not been seriously mishandled and lied about: tossed in trash by a Biden family member, found by a third party, sought for recovery by a Biden, reported as stolen, but turned into local law enforcement by the third party.  The trash may to have been close to a school, say some reports.

The Biden said she took the gun from Hunter and discarded it because of Hunter's drugs, instability, and danger to himself and maybe others. Maybe thhris was to justify the criminal mishandling and lying?

Charges for the form were probably an as aggravating charge (you said something like that) to crimes that were left uncharged.  Seems like lies to law enforcement and dangerous behavior were performed by at least two Bidens. An ordinary citizen and their participating family members would not likely get leniency, ... but I would not know the local state or federal laws violated.

The Bidens involved received special deferral that might have left the whole matter unresolved if not seen by diverse law enforcement.  The gun form violation left by itself was potentially beatable and pleadable.

I only heard concern, partisan or genuine, about everything that was done *other* than the lie on the form. Trump may even do well to commute or pardon Hunter and everyone else given enhanced charges for the same crime.

What if a Trump family member, Trump supporter, or someone who has defended Trump with their family's help did the same things with a gun?

Hunter and the Bidens received favorable treatment, in my opinion.

Love to you and your family.

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