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Faculty Development In Medical Education

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 1 faculty development activity within 6 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- FAME: 1-2 hour sessions
- RIME: 1 hour meetings monthly
- MED: 1 annual half day

Activity Examples
- FAME faculty development workshop
- Attend RIME
- Attend Medical Education Day
- Participate in regional/national conference faculty development topics (e.g., SHM, ACP)

Educational Service And Citizenship

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 3 activities within first 12 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- Interviews: 20-30 minutes
- GME orientation: 2-3 hrs once annually
- Clinic: monthly as often as desired on weekday evenings
- Shadowing: on rounds prn

Activity Examples
- Perform interviews for Pritzker applicants
- Perform interviews for residency applicants
- Volunteer for GME orientation activities
- Volunteer as Pritzker free clinic faculty
- Participate in undergraduate shadowing programs (i.e, Hospitalist Project, CHIP)

Attend On General Medicine Consult Service

Requirements / Timeframe
Attend at least 4 weeks during first 12 months as CA

Anticipated Time Commitment
Minimum 4 one-week blocks per year

Activity Examples
- Commit to attending minimum 4 weeks on General Medicine Consult Service
- Learners may include psychiatry PGY1 interns, Pritzker MS3, IM PGY2s, and PGY3s

Opt-In And Biannual Review

Requirements / Timeframe
2 biannual reviews with faculty

Anticipated Time Commitment
2 30-minute reviews biannually

Activity Examples
- Formally commit at start of academic year
- Participate in biannual reviews

Contributions To Instructions In Internal Medicine Undergrad, Grad, or Interprofessional

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 2 activities within first 12 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- HM Journal Club: 1 hr, meet 3-6 times
- MS2 preceptor: 10 weekly 2hr meetings in 1 quarter
- MS3 preceptor - 6 2hr meetings in 1 quarter
- OSCEs: 2 hours
- CPX: 1 hour meeting once
- Conferences: 45-60 minutes
- IPE activities: varied

Activity Examples
- Serve as HM journal club facilitator for IM residency (mandatory)
- Lead UME preceptor groups* (MS2 Clinical Skills, MS3 IM Clerkship preceptor group)
- Participate in MS2 Clinical Skills OSCEs
- Serve as CPX preceptor
- Serve as IM conference discussant (Morning Report, Intern Report, Mercy noon lectures)
- Participate in IPE activities

Coaching Capstone Experience

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 1 within first 12-18 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- Varied depending on venue
- Estimated 1 hour for feedback

Activity Examples
- Observation of clinical teaching by HM faculty educator with feedback
- Pritzker ADME Teaching Consult

Active Medical Education Community Membership

Requirements / Timeframe
Attend at least 50% of meetings

Anticipated Time Commitment
1 hour meeting quarterly

Activity Examples
- Join and actively participate in the Hospital
- Medicine Medical Education Committee

Prepare And Present Teaching Topics

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 1 teaching topic within first 18 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- Estimated 2-3 hours for prep
- Estimated 1 hour for presentation if applicable

Activity Examples
- Develop and present HM CME lecture
- Develop and present lectures for IPE settings
- Develop curriculum content for HM service line education
- Submission to SHM Clinical Quick Talk

Introduction To Med Ed Scholarship

Requirements / Timeframe
Complete 1 scholarly activity within first 24 months

Anticipated Time Commitment
- Estimated 3-4 hours for prep
- Estimated 1 hour for presentation if applicable

Activity Examples
- Prepare and submit clinical vignette
- Prepare and submit other scholarly research abstract (e.g., Ql/educational intervention)